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Spartans go 4-0, with a comeback victory

posted Jan 24, 2012, 11:02 AM by ian vena   [ updated Mar 6, 2012, 1:30 AM ]

For the first time, Spartans were trailing this season in the first half down 14-12 to the Porirua Giants. Spartans offensive line was heavily depleted and rookies Henry & Stephen stepped up. Though they didnt quite know that tackling a defender was not allowed, Connor was given enough time in the pocket to make some plays to various receivers Jedidiah Peniata (#8), Scotty Thomson (#19) & Chris Toms (#20). 

The same O-Line provided running room for veteran RB Ese Amosa (#28) and Rookie Joey Vaigafa Waihana (#44) to make big plays. Another big mention would be player/coach Nate Lambert who had to shake off some of the cob webs and play the most critical position of the team "CENTRE".
We finish the season on a high going 4-0, and look forward to the well deserved Christmas break.